Wednesday, March 01, 2017
Jewel Ghost SEO | Buffalo SEO

Jewel Ghost SEO is a business based out of Buffalo New York. Jewel Ghost uses cutting edge ethical tactics to work with Google in order to become a real and friendly face search engines can recognize. Jewel Ghost uses information on what's working now and uses ZERO black hat tactics that causes you to be blacklisted in the future. If you want to learn more on how Jewel Ghost can serve you, then head over to

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Monday, February 06, 2017
Swordfish SEO ~ Buffalo SEO

Swordfish SEO, is a premium search engine optimization business built out of Buffalo New York. What is search engine optimization, and what can a successful campaign do for you and your business? Search engine optimization is the art-form of getting your page to be recognized by search engines such as Google. So if you were to google something like Lawyers Buffalo, New York, you see a relevant result, instead of finding something random like Buffalo SEO in the results. Furthermore, it may be even better to think of Google as a person for various reasons. 1- Google needs to be able to see that you're presentable and friendly. If your website is mobile friendly, grammatically sound, straight-forward design, it's very similar to showing up to a job interview with a great suit and ironed slacks. 2- Google wants to see your friends. If you're friends with a drug addict, a chain smoker, a fry cook, and a bus boy at a nice restaurant, generally speaking only a small demographic of people would probably have your back in a pinch. If you're friends with the president of the united states, a rockstar, an astronaut, and Mark Zuckerberg, well do you think people would want to be your friend just because? Google likes looking at who is talking about you, if you can get the celebs of the internet to link to you, Google thinks "well this person must be a somebody", and is likely to rank you in a higher quality position because of it. 3- Google doesn't want you trying shady tactics. The most artistic way I can put it is like this: Say you're dating Google's daughter. The relationships going great for a while but you get in a huge argument. You end up knocking Googles daughter around, bruising her, trashing her, then you try to go back to how it was like it was nothing. Google will come down like a hammer on you and probably "metaphorically" punch you right back in the face once he finds out. You see Google watches out for "black hat tactics". There are various ways to try and game the system to get your web page ranking higher under the keyword you want. If you try to control those results unethically, Google will typically severely punish you and never want to see your results AGAIN. Make sure you know who it is you're working with, because someone may promise results, only to break your ranking several months later. For more information follow my social links below. Thanks for reading, it's an honor Mike V Ceo of Swordfish SEO/ Buffalo SEO

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